TOI-CJKD Nirbhaya Program

About the Initiative
Times Foundation, along with Chitah JKD® has initiated ‘Nirbhaya – A Women Empowerment & Training Program’ that aims to inspire Women to develop Mental wellbeing, Self confidence and Self-defense techniques by learning Martial Arts.
This helps to stand up to their Rights, and face Societal challenges by providing Tools and techniques that help developing self-confidence.
A sense of community spirit is created that allows women to face these similar challenges as a team rather than individually. The Nirbhaya Initiative encourages women to find practical solutions to their challenges so that each one becomes self-dependent in their own right.
This initiative has been welcomed by Women Groups, Media and local Government bodies alike, and is supported by various means to make it a large success.

About Chitah JKD
The Chitah JKD mission was initiated way back in 1980.
The passing of each year and the ever growing popularity of his martial art technique “Cheetah Jeet Kune Do” has the active participation of students, celebrities, media, corporate houses and others. Chitah JKD has a network of more than 122 centers across 21 states with an ever increasing strength of 30000+ young aspirants.
The mission inculcates values like Discipline, Focus and Dedication in generations to come. The founder, Chitah Yagnees Shetty has been actively involved in training Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. With more than 30 years in the industry, Chitah JKD has become synonymous with Martial Arts worldwide.

The Module
Chitah JKD's defense program has been specially designed for ladies make them capable of dealing with eve teasers, molesters, sexual assault and rape. The program is to prepare women, both mentally and physically to face any adverse situation anywhere, along with general improvement in health and mental fitness.

  • Mind and Body: Physical Fitness, Flexibility, Gymnastics, Hand Technique, Concentration, and Focus.

  • Meditation and Motivation: Inner power Building, Communicating the Opponents move to the mind, Reflex, Speed, Power, and Aim.

  • Self defense: Punches and Blocks, Throws, Grappling, Choking, Pressure points, How to tackle any situations, with arm and without arm.

  • Movements (Katas) : Combination of attack and defense, using the power in right direction. This will help to overcome an attack by 4 to 6 people, using the self prepared combat.

The Nirbhaya campaign has been launched in Chhattisgarh. JINDAL Steel & Power has come forward along with All India Human Rights Association, Times Foundation, and Nehru Yuva Kendra for the state wide activity. The program has started and will continue throughout June 2013, covering 12 districts. Estimated registration from Women groups and Individuals has gone up to 8000 so far.

Touch Points for Sponsors and Partner Companies

  • Long Branding Window: The Nirbhaya campaign involves an intensive publicity campaign, which will go on for a month, thus giving your brand a sizable recall opportunity.

  • Personalized Connect: One-to-one interaction with women from all over the state increases Brand Goodwill

  • Data Collection: The program will see the participation of independent women from all levels of society.

  • Social Responsibility: This is a good opportunity for the brand to be positioned as an active participant in the safety of women, and playing a pivotal role for the betterment of women.

  • Sampling Opportunity: Workshops will be conducted throughout the state, thus making it possible to carry on an effective sampling exercise.

  • Mass Program: The program will be publicised not just to the women, but also to families and social circles of which the women are a part of.

  • Women Oriented: Nirbhaya, in itself, is women-oriented, and the initiative is looked upon as an activity exclusively for women.

  • Large PR Amplification: The campaign will have a 360 degree media approach, starting from print, television, internet, right down to on-ground activations and road shows at popular market areas.

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